Upcoming: Solo Exhibition “Conto Interrompido” by Mario Belém

The Underdogs Gallery is announcing a new solo exhibition by Mario Belém, called ” Conto Interrompido” (literal translation: “Interrupted Tale”) taking place from the 30th November to the 23th of December 2017 and continuing from the 2nd to the 13th January 2018.  See more details about the exhibition below and clicking the links.


Date: From the 30 November to 23 December 2017 and 2 to 13 January 2018 (The gallery will be closed from 24 December to 1 January)
Location: Underdogs Gallery: Rua Fernando Palha, Armazém 56 – Lisbon, Portugal
Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 2pm to 8pm
Cost of entry: Free admission

Opening reception with the artist: Thursday, 30 November 2017, 7pm – 10pm
You can RSVP via Facebook HERE.

Press Release:

Underdogs Gallery is pleased to present “Conto Interrompido”*, a solo exhibition of (confusing, complicated, contradictory, ambiguous) messages by Portuguese visual artist Mário Belém in Lisbon, Portugal.
We’re all supposed to speak more or less the same language yet sometimes we understand (bugger all) nothing of what the other person is saying. In his first solo exhibition at Underdogs, Mário Belém presents an ensemble of works that invite the viewer to reflect – in an amusing way, free of any (crap) pretentiousness – on one of the greatest paradoxes of the present reality: communication breakdowns in a world where information reigns supreme yet suffers from its own excess. Clearly playing with the confusion, the complications, the contradictions, and the ambiguity which we frequently come across in face of the visual and oral discourse – of both individuals and formal systems of communication – that surrounds us in our day-to-day, the artist showcases here an entirely new body of work composed of an array of visual narratives materialised in pieces of various dimensions that are somewhat halfway between painting and sculpture in wood, a medium which he has been favouring in his recent artistic practice.

*The title plays with the similarity between the Portuguese words “conto” (tale; story) and “coito” (coitus). “Interrompido”

(Source: Here)

More Information:

Mário Belém Facebook Page: Here

Underdogs Facebook Page: Here

Exhibition Facebook Event: Here

Press and sales enquiries: info@under-dogs.net


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