Recap: 3th Edition of “Conversas na Rua” in Amadora

The 3rd edition of “Conversas na Rua” (Translation: Conversations on the Street), which took place throughout the month of September 2017 in Amadora, is now showcasing quality works on the street by the artists Odeith, Kruella d’Enfer, Draw & Contra, Collective ALTURA, Ana Dias & Nuno Alecrim.

Organized by Amadora City Council “Conversas na Rua” is an urban art initiative that seeks to overcome the negative stigma often associated with the city, as well as to incite expression through the transformation of the urban landscape, to promote the Portuguese artists – emergent or veterans, to establish contact with the community and to enhance the artistic, historical, social and cultural identity heritage of Amadora.

Here you can find the address of where each piece is located. Check out the photos below, kindly provided by the organization.

Ana Dias & Nuno Alecrim

Draw & Contra

Estudio Altura

Kruella D’Enfer


(Photos: Daniel Sanches)


More information:

Conversas na Rua Official Page: Here

Conversas na Rua Instagram: Here

Conversas na Rua Twitter: Here

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