Freshly Painted Train Station Tunnel in Algés

Just before the 2017 edition of the NOS Alive Music Festival, the Algés train station tunnel suffered a renovation.  The CMOeiras, CP – Comboios de Portugal and IP-Infraestruturas de Portugal proposed a challenge to the artists 2Upla, Nomen, Jorge Cordeiro, Pedro Esteves and counted with the participation of about 13 other graffiti writers, to change the face of this location.

It was a project of approximately 1,2 km2, divided in zones and executed during 10 consecutive days. The themes around this project emerged from the concept of mobility, “Mobility Factory” and from the importance of the Algés riverside walkway as one of the biggest concert stages located at the riverfront of Lisbon.

Below you can find photos of the final result.

Work above done by: 2upla

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