6 Street artists, 6 Portuguese Cities.
MERC’ART in partnership with the brand MINI will bring 50 works of art to 6 regions of Portugal. 6 street artists were invited to go on a tour around the country where they will execute some works in each city.
This event will be held from the 8th to the 30th of September 2017.


Date: September 9th to September 30th 2017
The tour dates and locations are as follows:
Porto – 08|09 Semptember
Viseu – 12|13 September
Lisbon – 15|16 September
Guimarães – 19|20 September
Setúbal – 22|23 September
Albufeira – 29|30 September

Cost of entry: no cost.
You can RSVP to the event: Here

Press Release:

“Merc’art brings together 50 national illustrators and street artists to offer you the most innovative works of art in the country. Democr’art is its motto, not only because of the unusual union of consecrated, emerging, embryonic artists, but also because it facilitates access to art: signed and numbered reproductions of 50 works at unbelievably democratic prices.
Merc’art is thus an innovative expression of a freer access to urban art. No wonder that this brand is a partner of the car brand that best embodies the urban, trendy and bold style: the MINI.
The MINI CITY / MERC’ART partnership brings 50 works of art to you. In addition, 6 merc’art artists were invited to illustrate a city, each belonging to the region of 6 where we will be. Come and see the illustration of your city, maybe you’ll leave with one of them in your.”

(Source: http://minicity.pt/#urbanculture)

More information at:

Event facebook page: Here
MINI Event official page : Here
MERC’ART official page: Here


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